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Wings are attachments that can be used on several avatars, including all free avatars, nobles, and anthros.

Wing Types

There are currently six wing types in Furcadia.

With the exception of classic wings, all wings are available for $19.99 for a year, or $99.95 for life. Classic wings were discontinued, but are still available for renewal or for life.

Wing Type # Command Artist Release Date
Classic Wings 1 `clsscwngs Talzhemir, Majas (32-bit) July 1, 1999
Tricolored Wings 2 `triwngs Kestrel, Talzhemir, Majas (32-bit) November 4, 2001
Butterfly Wings 3 `bflywngs Talzhemir March 15, 2002
Batwings 4 `batwngs Gar, Majas (32-bit) October 29, 2004
Prime Wings 5 `primewngs Kestrel, Heimdall (new poses) April 6, 2007
Dragonfly Wings 6 `dfwings Kaelin'yFiae, Rat The Unloved August 4, 2016


Default Avatars

Before attachments, wings had to be included in the same frame as an avatar. As such, each winged avatar was quite large and took time to create, so wings were limited to the following default avatars:

Flutternobles and Flutterbugge

A series of freebies were released that expanded select wings to some nobles and bugges. Players who owned both the Digo and the corresponding wing type were able to use these avatars at any time. 

These avatars and their commands (in the form of `avatar) are still usable in-game, despite the addition of attachments.  

Avatar Species # Base Avatar Male Wing Female Wing Released
Fluttercat 168 Noble Feline Prime Butterfly July 7, 2012
Flutterdog 181 Noble Canine Bat Tri November 9, 2012
Fluttermouse 211 Noble Rodent Tri Butterfly
Fluttershen 213 Noble Hyooman Bat Prime
Flutterbun 235 Noble Lapine Bat Butterfly
Flutterbugge 240 Bugge Butterfly Butterfly