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Watermelon is a consumable desctag available on the Digo Market in the summer. Players give out watermelon slices to everyone on their screen.

Digo Market

Watermelon is usually available in July.

Package Price Quantity
Watermelon! $2.99 1 Watermelon


Effect Duration Message
Pirate text filter 20 min Arr, this watermelon be spiked with rum! It shivers ye timbers and wards off scurvy at the same time. Now ye can't be helpin' but talk like a pirate, matey! Begads! (Lasts 20 minutes.)
Toytle 1 hour You just ate a slice of delicious watermelon. The outside is hard and green. You feel kind of like that yourself now - you've turned into a Toytle! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Snayle 1 hour This tasty watermelon makes you think of long, lazy summer days. Your thoughts get so slow and relaxed, that you feel yourself turning into a Snayle. (Lasts 1 hour.)
Ottifet 1 hour You sink your teeth into the juicy watermelon. Say, is the slice getting bigger, or are you getting smaller - and cuter? Wow, you're an ottifet! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Flutterphin 1 hour You taste the watermelon, and there's something different about the flavor, something exotic. You feel even more exotic than a flying fish. Hey, it turned you into a Flutterphin! (Lasts 1 hour.)