I've already started on Vinca NexusAllegria Island, and Challenge Resort, but I'm currently focusing on Furrabian Nights which will be used as a model for other pages.

Furrabian Nights pages

The Furrabian Nights page is being modeled after the RuneScape Wik's Varrock page. Everything to know about Varrock isn't included in one page. There are multiple pages throughout the wiki in the form of NPC pages, shop pages, quest pages, and more.

I've created two infoboxes, the Template:NPC Infobox and Template:Location Infobox to give us a basic structure to work with. You can see these in use with A'Theehah and Costumes Stall. The pages themselves aren't too lengthy - they just provide relevant information that the player will need to understand the topic. If they want to know more, they can look at other pages, which are easily accessible in several different areas - in page links, the infobox, navbox, and categories. 

I will probably do the main Furrabian Nights page last, after all other information is written up. This will have a combination of summaries and links to other pages about Furrabian Nights.

Applying this to other pages  

Furrabian Nights is a good place to start, since it's probably the most complex main map on Furcadia. 

Other main maps will be much easier to write about. They will mostly need location pages. For example, Naia Green will need articles on the Help Center, Welcome Mat, Mason's Workshop, the Coffee House, etc.

Main maps not listed on the B tab - including Theriopolis, Furrabian Oasis, etc. - will need similar documentation, but these will be done after the main maps.  

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