hello i am furcadia user Ampoule and i am here to assist in the update of the furcadia wiki.  i've been playing furcadia off and on for about 8ish years.  i only have one alt, Aglaophotis.  i don't care too much for RP, preferring dreamweaving, patching and socializing.

when i am logged in, i can usually be found in DreamurlOnline Multiplayer Gaming, my own tiny dream, or in Dusk 2 Dawn (my favorite main map).

to do

  • add Template:Map to all dream pages.
    • i've now added the map template to all dream pages currently published.  i'll now be adding pages for other main maps, such as Pineapple Lake Resort, Theriopolis, etc.
  • upload more default Furcadia image files to decorate wiki pages with.
    • so far, from, i've uploaded the paw print Paw which is currently used in the map template, and from, i've uploaded the dream bookmark button Dreamurl, sans + sign to differentiate dreamurls from web urls.  i also have this one Star, but am not sure how to use it.
  • put all information in Keyboard Commands in an attractive table format, and include text commands as well.
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