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Furcadia is updating the client today! Everyone will need to download and instal. This update has many new features including Furcadia Pounce: Online Checker, whisper windows, offline messages, away features and more. There's also a new Cookie Economy with DragonSpeak support for your dreams. Five new Avatars have also been added including the Noble Equine and Rabben Ferian! For a full list of new features be sure to check out http://furcadia.com/update/ and read more about the Cookie Economy.

Update 27c

Within the next day or so we will be releasing an Optional Update, 27c. Players will be able to download it on the regular download page. We recommend that everyone downloads this as it will fix some crash problems with Pounce. The Server will also be restarted. Included in the update: Pineapple Lake Resort: The new Welcome Dream will be added with a portal in Naia Green. All new furres will land there but anyone can go there to play the games and welcome new players. (Best behavior required in that area) These lines will work if the dream uploader has installed the update. New DS lines:

(5:52) Make any furre present unable to join and summon.

(5:53) Allow any furre present to join and summon again.

(5:54) Make any furre present unable to lead and follow. 

(5:55) Allow any furre present to lead and follow again.

(5:880) forget all PhoenixSpeak info about furres that haven't been used in # days # hours # minutes # seconds.

Pounce bug fixes (Including a client crashing bug) Noble Equine for life tag fixed Beekin irregular badge fixed Purple portals work for official and staff dreams. Various other bug fixes. This is our first client update with the new programmers and it helps move us towards bigger and better updates!