Furcadia Wiki


  • Added: Exact names - You can avoid accidental miswhispers by adding % at the beginning of your whispers: 
  • /%sanctimonious will only whisper to sanctimonious, even if sanctimonious2 was around 
  • Added: Font / text tool to FSH and PCX Editor 
  • Added: GIF and JPG support to FSH and PCX Editor 
  • Added: Official Digo Market Retailer: Infire Business Ventures Oy 
  • Added: PCX Editor 
  • Added: Screenshots. Press CTRL-F1 to take a screenshot 
  • Added: `shieldurl command will prevent players from getting into your dream by using Furcadia URLs 
  • Added: Skin Editor 
  • Added: Skin preview: Place skin.bmp (266 x 37 pixels) to your skin directory to display a preview picture on both Furcadia Configuration Tool and Autoconfiguration Utility 
  • Added: View Log button 
  • Changed: Descriptions are now filtered on main maps and dreams which have swear filter turned on 
  • Changed: Text will now rewrap when the font button is clicked 
  • Fixed: All new eye colors are now displayed correctly in specitags 
  • Fixed: Client won't upload character INI files with the dreams any longer, if a character INI file is acidentally placed in the patch directory of a dream 
  • Fixed: DS (3:10), (3:11), (3:12), (3:13) 
  • Fixed: DS (5:20) 
  • Fixed: DS (5:1000) 
  • Fixed: Eye cursor won't turn into and act like a walk cursor if any player on the screen moves while eye cursor hasn't yet clicked anything 
  • Fixed: Following a dream link will now take you to the latest uploaded version of the dream 
  • Fixed: Furcadia Client character selection screen doesn't crash on Windows 95/98 anymore 
  • Fixed: Large (> 1 MB) log files do not slow down the client any longer. 
  • Fixed: Players using Classic Skin can now view dream skins 
  • Fixed: Bugs on Naia Green, Imaginarium and Furrabian Nights.
  • Fixed: Avatar sitting and some of the laying positions.
  • Fixed: FSHED: Ctrl-A now selects the full image 
  • Fixed: FSHED: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V won't behave funnily anymore while zoomed out 
  • Fixed: FSHED: Using CTRL or SHIFT with pen and erase tool won't randomly crash the editor any longer

22b - Laesa Maiestas - April 13, 2005


  • Changed: Batwings have been switched back to the old art.
  • Changed: Furcadia is now available on ports 22, 80 and 6500 (lightbringer.furcadia.com)
  • Fixed: FSH Editor does not crash randomly with very wide or very tall items.