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T'was the night before Christmas, and the update was late!

Cattens mewed, Reindeer stamped, they simply couldn't wait!

The Noble Furres were sitting, patient, calm and wise,

While artists were looking at us with big puppy-dog eyes.

And inside by the fire, there sat a group of Bugges;

They'd found a perfect, cozy place to sit and share some snugs.

The festive Silver Sponsors got to come and take a peek.

"You simply must release this NOW!", they'd meow and howl and squeak!

We Dragons got your message, loud and clear,

We must update Furcadia, before the end of year!

Santa Felorin winks and waves, spreading good cheer.

"Happy Holidays to all and to all a hopeful year!"

This has to be an "Art Only" update because the Fox won't let us branch the code! Following are the goodies we have ready for you now. Read on after for some hints about the update early in 2009. 

Free for everyone to use:

  • Bugge default avatar made by Talzhemir
  • Improved Specitags for all the avatars, both defaults and Digos

Available now on Digo Market:

  • Ferian Catten: Cute kitty made by Tiponya, Kaelin'yFiae, Talzhemir, ArtSpace, TiggerBaby, Rat the Unloved and Gar!
  • Noble Felines and Canines: First two sets in our new series of male/female avatars. These lovelies were made by TiggerBaby with portraits by Alabaster Sea!
  • Seasonal Reindeer: Only available a short time, this playful cervine was made by Kain Ragnorok and Skill!

Available early next year:

  • Ferian Owlen: This beautiful Great Horned Owl was created by Kaelin'yFiae, ArtSpace, and Kittrel!
  • Mythical Kirin: Just in time for the Asian New Year, the Kirin was created by Kaelin'yFiae with a bit of animation help on its swirly, riding cloud magic effect by Gar!
  • Seasonal LoveBirds: They are peacocks but since they have heart designs and come out for Valentine's Day we call them LoveBirds. Safiye made these charming birds!

Early next year is the other part of the update:

  • More new avatars, including the Ferian Horsen and Mythical Naga.
  • Attachments, which will allow wings on Ferians, Nobles, Furlings, etc. as well as many new extras like more wings, hats, pawhelds and new tails.
  • 32-bit and translucency support with the first version of the editors for everyone to try out. (Upgraded art and color choices scheduled for later in the year.)
  • More DS and PS
  • Support code to start more work for the Accounts and Group Packages (Also Scheduled for later in the year.)
  • Bug fixes galore!