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This official news post is copied directly from the Furcadia website.

It was posted on November 21, 2018.


The most festive time of year approaches, and that means we’re unpacking the annual Winter Sale for Digo Market!

Each week beginning November 25th will feature a group of avatars on sale for up to 70% off! This will continue for a whopping 9 weeks of sales until every single regular avatar gets its chance in the spotlight, wowzers! This includes a slew of avatars that will see their first FOR LIFE versions introduced, as well as others that will have their FOR LIFE versions discounted for the first time. Much excite!

But wait, there’s more!

Catching Stars

Every purchase of special Winter Sale items made over the next 9 weeks will award 1-3 Golden Star desctags, with each Star counting as an entry into a super epic raffle taking place at the conclusion of the Winter Sale in February. And just what makes this raffle so super epic? Ultra rare and limited prizes of course! All Golden Stars from all 9 weeks enter the raffle for all prizes from all 9 weeks! But to add a little fun and mystery, the full pool of available prizes will slowly be revealed week by week, right here, over the course of the Winter Sale. Oooh, suspense!

Check out the prize list below -- we're kicking things off with a bang!

  • Week 1 1 x 1 Avatar Space
  • Week 2 3 x 1 Golden Sponsorship FOR LIFE
  • Week 3 3 x 1 Gloaming FOR LIFE
  • Week 4 1 x 1 World Package FOR LIFE
  • Week 5 ???
  • Week 6 ???
  • Week 7 ???
  • Week 8 ???
  • Week 9 ???

With so many amazing deals, there'll be plenty of opportunity to increase your chances of winning one or more of these awesome prizes!

  • Golden Stars remain in your description until the conclusion of the raffle. These may be turned off through the Desctags Setting page (must be logged in to view). They cannot be traded, so make sure you put in the name of the character that you want them on!