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This is an update dedicated to fixing bugs! The programmers have been working hard to squish problems in Pounce, whisper windows, desctags, channels, DS, PS, dynamic avatars, and much more. We have also been making fixes to the Mac/wine client that should have it working better. Just as a little bonus, Felorin has also added some much requested DS lines and a little surprise with desctags! Special thanks to the Bugge Hunters for all their hard work!

New Features:

  • New Dragonspeak Commands: 

Powerful new DS to call triggering furres by name, detect afk furres and powerful filters! Nine lines in all, thanks Felorin! A full list of new commands is  below.

  • Increased Mac/Wine Support:

Our diligent programming team has many Mac-Specific bugfixes, including special debugging code that will make diagnosing Mac-specific errors more efficient leading to further gains in the future!

  • Givable Desctags, now with New and Improved flavor!:

Coming soon after the update, you will be able to 'eat" muffins, pizza, pies pongo juice and more, even snowballs! Eating desctags will bestow exciting, startling effects on your character for a short duration, possibly even giving you free digos for an hour!

  • Dynamic Avatars Update:

Dynamic Avatars are now working properly and ready to dynamically do... whatever it is that they do. Oh yea! They allow Furcadia to release new, exciting Digos without requiring a new client update.

  • Pounce Dream Bookmark Server Support Added:

The Pounce window will now properly show online/offline status for dreams and main maps.

  • Many Pounce/Whisper Window Bug Fixes Added:

There's a list of miscellaneous fixes as long as my tail! Crash fixes, specitag fixes, efficiency increases, all coming together in a newer, more-stable Pounce!

  • Approximately 80 Major bugs Fixed:

Yes, 80 Major fixes are included in this update including improved Animated Portrait storage, news and spice channel improvements, mouseover improvements(Wedding Rings), some missing gift commands and so much more!

  • A plethora of minor bugs knocked off the list:

Too many to list here, our programmers have been working hard, familiarizing themselves with the code and cleaning up loose ends along the way.

New DS Commands:

New DragonSpeak Lines:

(1:82) and the furre named {...} is AFK,
(1:182) and the furre named {...} is not AFK,

(4:12) only in places the triggering furre can see,
(4:13) only in places the triggering furre cannot see,
(4:14) only in places that can be seen from (#,#),
(4:15) only in places that can not be seen from (#,#),

(5:56) make the furre named {...} the new triggering furre, if they're in the dream right now.
(5:634) forget the PhoenixSpeak info {...} about the triggering furre.
(5:635) forget the PhoenixSpeak info {...} about the furre named {...}.