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The Wylde is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. It is the primary feral roleplay map. 

Entry emit

You've wandered into the Wylde! A secret place far away from the rest of Furcadia where more primal laws rule. Tread lightly, for who knows what lurks in the dark secret places. Press F3 to move between biomes, and keep an eye out for a habitat to upload on.


Map of The Wylde.

Designed as a natural habitat, The Wylde consists of thirteen biomes. These are:

  • Ocean: Accessible by walking out from either the Tidal or Tropical Beaches, an undersea area representing the deep ocean, and containing coral and a kelp forest.
  • Tidal Beach: Located south of the Coastal Meadow, a beach filled with rocky tide pools.
  • Coastal Meadow: Located to the west, an area of long grassland on cliffs overlooking the ocean.
  • Ferian Farm: A farm area containing stables and kennels, located to the south of the island.
  • Wetlands: Located north of the Farm, along the river.
  • Broadleaf Wood: Located between the Meadow and the Wetlands, a temperate-climate forest.
  • Cascade Cliffs: South of the Aerie and north of the Wetlands, a temperate-climate forest alongside a rushing river.
  • Evergreen Forest: North of the Broadleaf Woods, the deep forest and heartland of the Wolven.
  • Mountain Aerie: The most northerly part of The Wylde, a rocky and snow-swept mountain.
  • Desert: A hot, dry area in the north-east.
  • Savannah: Located south of the Desert, in the east, an area of long dry grass and home to the Leonen and Tygard.
  • Jungle: Located south of the Svannah, a hot and lush tropical forest.
  • Tropical Beach: Located to the east, a beach of palm trees and surf.

Map features

As well as standard F3 warps, The Wylde contains numerous tunnels and caves leading between biomes.  Dream upload pads have a different appearance in The Wylde than in the rest of Furcadia, generally appearing as natural features such as hollow logs and burrows.

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