The Roamheart Patching Database is a website created by patch artist, Kinsem. It was created in 2004 in order to provide a temporary home for patches while the official Furcadia Patch Archive was redesigned. When the development of a new patch archive site was halted, the Roamheart archive became a permanent fixture to patchers and dreamweavers alike.

The site was originally programmed by Samuel Michkron, until his departure in 2009. Afterwards, development was taken over by Kedessa and Kevin "Favorites" Koyle, until 2011 when Crunchward took over as developer. Ceus took over some years after that, closing submissions in preparation for a new site. Work on the new site was halted, so submissions were re-opened with stricter guidelines to ensure compatibility for the future site. Iced is the current developer for Roamheart.

The website itself is managed by a group of moderators who examine and approve patch submissions. Currently the site is maintained as a joint venture between Elso Valager and Iced.

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