A proxy is a server or application that sits between the Furcadia client and server. Proxies in Furcadia generally function by intercepting and modifying network traffic, with the exception of Furnarchy which, while still referred to as a proxy, instead functions by directly accessing and modifying the working memory of the game client.

Proxies are used by players to introduce features not present in the default game client, primarily adding social features such as away messages, whisper windows, and friend list/online detection. The introduction of Pounce, which offers these features bundled into the main game client, has replaced most third-party proxies.

Strictly speaking, some bot programs, such as FurBot, may also function as proxies.

Proxy rules

Proxies operating in Furcadia are goverened by the following rules:

  • Third party software, including proxies, bot tools and other utilities, are not supported by Dragon's Eye or its staff.
  • Players using such programs are responsible that they do not interfere with the operation and stability of theFurcadia service, and that they do not harm or harass other players.
  • Additionally, Dragon's Eye assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage that third party software may cause to a player's system, including but not limited to infection with viruses or trojans, system crashes, loss of files, etc.
  • Players who choose to use one or more third party software programs do so at their own risk.

Common proxies

  • FurSuite: A modern, scriptable proxy for Furcadia.
  • DogProxy: One of the oldest and more popular proxies, now defunct and replaced by Pounce.
  • Furnarchy: A scriptable extension to the game client. Its versatility has meant it is still used, even after the introduction of Pounce.
  • Mreow! Proxy
  • KaKapow! Proxy
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