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Pongo juice is a consumable desctag available on the Digo Market year-round. Players give out cups of juice to everyone on their screen.

Digo Market

Pongo juice is available in the following packages:

Package Price Quantity
Fresh Pongo Juice $2.99 1 Pitcher


Effect Duration Message
Toasterwing 30 min You lift your glass of Pongo Juice to make a toast, then drink it down. I guess doing that makes you a 'toaster', doesn't it? (Lasts 30 minutes.)
Kiwi text filter 15 min You feel a strange tickling in your throat. Not quite like laryngitis, actually you've got kiwi-itis! Oh no! (Lasts 15 minutes.)
Upside down screen 15 min Wow, that Pongo Juice was fermented! What's going on here?? (Lasts 15 minutes.)
Color change: Pink 15 min This Pongo Juice tastes very pink. Oh my, it's turned you pink too! (Lasts 15 minutes.)
Random color cycling 10 min This Pongo Juice tastes like every color of the rainbow. It makes you feel like you do, too! (Lasts 10 minutes.)