Orchimodo (`orchimodo) are one of the seasonal avatars available for players from the Digo Market.

Orchimodo are four eyed, two tailed, feathered lizards said to hail originally from the long grasses of The Wylde.

Digo Market

The Orchimodo is only available from the Digo Market seasonally, usually around summer.

Length Price (USD) Order Bonuses
Orchimodo Lifetag For Life $?


Specitags, Portraits
Orchimodo Specitag M Orchimodo Specitag F Orchimodo Specitag U
Orchimodo Portrait M Orchimodo Portrait F Orchimodo Portrait U

Orchimodo 1 Orchimodo 3 Orchimodo 9 Orchimodo 11 Orchimodo 17 Orchimodo 18 Orchimodo 19 Orchimodo 20

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