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Olde Town is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface.

Entry emit

It is early evening on a lazy day off in Olde Town and time to enjoy friends and meet other grown-ups. Take a date to the cafe or jazz club, have a girls night ontop the chocolate shop, or chat about the latest book you are reading in the book store. This is an AOClean socializing dream. Please act with maturity and respect; refrain from violence and explicit sexual content.


Olde Town consists of an open area surrounded by buildings, some of which can be entered.

Main areas

  • The Cat's Meow Jazz Club: A club located to the NW of the map, nextdoor to The Book Wyrme.  Features a dance floor.
  • Merfurre Park: The center of the map.  Also the most populated area of the map.
  • The Artsy Corner: Located to the NE of the map, outside of the Critter Cafe.  There's an easel and some instruments here.
  • Critter Cafe: A cafe located to the NE of the map.
  • The Choco Bunny: A candy store located to the SE of the map.  Has rooftop seating.
  • The Book Wyrme: A book store located to the NW of the map.

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