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Naia Green is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. It is known as the 'Community Center'.

Entry emit

Welcome to Naia Green, the Community Center! Naia is a E8+ Environment for new and experienced furres to learn new things, meet friends, help others and join groups. Naia Green is a friendly and safe place. Please keep your behavior newfurre friendly and helpful. Please visit here for rules, information, and a map of Naia Green! Use F3  to move around the dream.


Naia Green has a mostly open design, separating areas with walls, trees, and open space.  It contains a Group Hall, Help Areas, classrooms, and other areas.

Main areas

The following areas are main areas because they have titles, are entry areas, and are accessible via entry code and F3.

  • Beekin Clock: The center of the map, where furres are placed upon entering Naia.  The Welcome Mat is immediately NW.  Bumping into the Beekin Clock will tell you the current time (FST) and a random hint.
  • Furcadian Academy: A building on the NW side of the map that contains three classrooms.  This area is used for Town Meetings and other events.
  • Beekins' Retreat: A quiet, out of the way area of the map to the NE.
  • FluFF Pit: Located directly S of the Beekin Clock is an area that contains scripted pillows for furres to sit on that cycle through different colors and texts upon pressing F3.

    some example text from a FluFF pillow.

Named Areas

  • Group Hall: A building directly west of the Beekin Clock intended for guilds.
  • Welcome Mat: A place for Welcomers and other furres to greet newbies and help them find their way around Furcadia.
  • Library: N of the Beekin Clock is a library that provides helpful links to various Furcadia-related resources.
  • Vinca Falls: At the bottom of the FluFF Pit is a pond full of purple flowers that may be sat upon.  If you step between the two arrows as pictured, however, you will generate a new flower that will take you on a leisurely ride through Naia Green.

    Beginning a Vinca Falls ride.

Notable dreams

Pineapple Lake Resort

External references

Official Furcadia.com page, with patch download.