The Merribou is a freebie avatar based off of the Reindeer seasonal. Its name is a play on the words merry and caribou. The avatar features a saddle and a string of Christmas lights.

Digo Market

The Merribou has not been made available on the Digo Market.


Specitags, Portraits, Icon
Merribou Specitag M Merribou Specitag F Merribou Specitag U
Merribou Portrait M Merribou Portrait F Merribou Portrait U Merribou Icon

Merribou 1 Merribou 3 Merribou 9 Merribou 11 Merribou 17 Merribou 18 Merribou 19 Merribou 20

This avatar is missing attachments: Collar.
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