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The Merribou is a freebie avatar based off of the Reindeer seasonal. Its name is a play on the words merry and caribou. The avatar features a saddle and a string of Christmas lights.

Digo Market

The Merribou has not been made available on the Digo Market.


Specitags, Portraits, Icon
Merribou Specitag M.png Merribou Specitag F.png Merribou Specitag U.png
Merribou Portrait M.png Merribou Portrait F.png Merribou Portrait U.png 0px

Merribou 1.png Merribou 3.png Merribou 9.png Merribou 11.png Merribou 17.png Merribou 18.png Merribou 19.png Merribou 20.png

This avatar is missing attachments: Collar.