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The MechaKiwi is the only Digo to update seasonally. In the summer, it will shoot water balloons in its laying position. In the spring, it will shoot out easter eggs. In the winter it will shoot snowballs.

Digo Market

The MechaKiwi is only available from the Digo Market seasonally, usually around various.

Length Price (USD) Order Bonuses
MechaKiwi Lifetag.png For Life $?



Specitags, Portraits
MechaKiwi Spring Specitag M.png MechaKiwi Spring Specitag F.png MechaKiwi Spring Specitag U.png
MechaKiwi Spring Portrait M.png MechaKiwi Spring Portrait F.png MechaKiwi Spring Portrait U.png

Walkabout - Spring
MechaKiwi Spring 1.png MechaKiwi Spring 3.png MechaKiwi Spring 9.png MechaKiwi Spring 11.png MechaKiwi Spring 17.png MechaKiwi Spring 18.png MechaKiwi Spring 19.png MechaKiwi Spring 20.png


Specitags, Portraits
MechaKiwi Summer Specitag M.png MechaKiwi Summer Specitag F.png MechaKiwi Summer Specitag U.png
MechaKiwi Summer Portrait M.png MechaKiwi Summer Portrait F.png MechaKiwi Summer Portrait U.png

Walkabout - Summer
MechaKiwi Summer 1.png MechaKiwi Summer 3.png MechaKiwi Summer 9.png MechaKiwi Summer 11.png MechaKiwi Summer 17.png MechaKiwi Summer 18.png MechaKiwi Summer 19.png MechaKiwi Summer 20.png