Krunk Ward is a guard by the Furrabian Oasis Gate. Players can see a list of dream credits by talking to him.


  •  Krunk Ward waves a casual hand at you, "These gates lead to the Furrabian Oasis! It is an old place though so you should stay here. Many furres put work into this city, so the credits list is pretty long!" (Press F2)
  • Krunk Ward smirks, "Can't say I didn't warn you!"
  •  Project Lead, Dream design, Dreamweaving: Emerald Flame, Dream Design: Gar, Patch Lead, 32bit Converter, Firemaster: Rat The Unloved, DS Lead: Heimdall
  • Patch Artists: Alluvial, Am'God, Artspace, Contingency, Degu, Derian, Farren Dustfur, Gar, Heimdall, Indigo Nightfall, Juliet, Kaelin'yFiae, Linnet, Lobsel Vith, Madam, Majas, Muunokhoi, Night Kichi, Odhinn, Pye, Rat The Unloved, Rew, Runetta, Safiye, Talzhemir, Tarra, Tat, Tiponya, Vexel, Wani, Youlanda
  •  DS: Aaron, Althia, Alluvial, Crunchward, Dream Dancer, Felorin, Gar, Heimdall, Majas, Reeka, Treeki, Vexel, Yasabu Decimus
  •  Sounds and Ambience: Majas, Yaminoanil


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