Furcadia Wiki

List of commands done by keyboard. For a list of text commands, look elsewhere.


  • Crtl+L - Toggles through standing, sitting, and laying down.
  • Delete - Turn Clockwise.
  • Insert - Turn Counter-Clockwise.
  • Crtl+U and F3 - Use the item you are holding. NOTE: Many dreams uses F3 for teleporting from place to place.
  • Crtl+G and F4 - Trade the item you are holding for the item below you.
  • Home - Walk North-West
  • PgUp - Walk North-East
  • End - Walk South-West
  • PgDown - Walk South-East

Function Commands

  • F1 - Displays basic commands.
  • F2 - Pickup the item you are standing on, if possible, or drop the item you are holding.
  • F3 - Use the item you are holding.  Also functions as a teleport button on most main maps.
  • F4 - Displays a list of people in the Dream you are in.
  • F5 - Scroll up in chat.
  • F6 - Scroll down in chat.
  • F8 - Open last link that was said in chat.
  • F11 - Toggle animations.