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Imaginarium is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. Imaginarium is sometimes abbreviated as Imag or I, after the button used to enter the dream. Imaginarium is officially for "Strict Role-play" dreams, in contrast to Allegria Island's Persona Role-play oriented dreams.

Entry emit

You've discovered Imaginarium. Play here follows the Consent Rule. As it's more of a back-stage area, feel free to discuss in-character, "IC", action and upload roleplay-oriented Dreams. The Imaginarium has entrances to two additional main areas suited for roleplaying, Theriopolis and Goldwyn. Use F3 to move between multiple points around the dream. (Dream by Sidereal, Talzhemir and Emerald Flame)

*This entry emit no longer displays upon entry.


  • Bardic Circle: Originally designed as a gathering place for storytelling, the Bardic Circle is a named landmark in Imaginarium along the main road.
  • Street Corner: The main spawn point in Imaginarium, as well as the first F3 location. This area of the map gets the most traffic, and as such, has the largest concentration of dreams.
  • Cross Hall: A hall in the shape of a cross or an X. The second F3 point of Imaginarium.
  • Graveyard: The dream's graveyard, located next to the Black Hall. The Graveyard is the third F3 location in Imaginarium.
  • Arrow Hall: A hall shaped like an arrow pointing northward. The Arrow Hall is the fourth F3 point of Imaginarium.
  • Orange Hall: Identified as "Castle-ish" in the DS file for Imaginarium, the Orange Hall is the largest building in the dream. The Orange Hall is the fifth F3 point of the map.
  • Eastern Hall: An empty building with sand floors, serving as the sixth F3 point of the map.
  • Heart Hall: A hall in the shape of a heart that serves as the seventh F3 point of Imaginarium.
  • Key Hall: A hall in the shape of a Key, the eighth and final F3 point of Imaginarium.
  • Hourglass Hall: A hall in the shape of an hourglass, positioned on the opposite side of the road as Key Hall.
  • Black Hall: Located next to the graveyard, this hall includes a basement.
  • Gallery Hall: This hall is just down the second main road that connects at the Street Corner. It features the painting items along the walls, giving it the name "Gallery."
  • Chaos Hall: Chaos Hall is one of the lesser known locations of Imaginarium. Only accessible by entering a portal just north of the Street Corner, players are teleported to an unusual shaped building with an entrance to Club Dusk 2 Dawn


  • On the northern edge of Imaginarium, there is a jagged wall, with an opening containing a portal to Goldwyn. This area was originally intended to be the entrance to another main map, the Forest of Adventure. This map was intended to be a location for all RP dreams that take place in the Dragonlands continuity.