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The Icewing is a dragon with a unique effect that utilizes translucency.

Digo Market

The Icewing is available from the Digo Market year-round.

Length Price (USD) Order Bonuses
1 Year $24.95


Specitags, Portraits, Icon
Icewing Specitag M.png Icewing Specitag F.png Icewing Specitag U.png
Icewing Portrait M.png Icewing Portrait F.png Icewing Portrait U.png Icewing Icon.png

Icewing 1.png Icewing 3.png Icewing 9.png Icewing 11.png Icewing 17.png Icewing 18.png Icewing 19.png Icewing 20.png
Walkabout - Hoarfrost
Icewing Hoarfrost 1.png Icewing Hoarfrost 3.png Icewing Hoarfrost 9.png Icewing Hoarfrost 11.png Icewing Hoarfrost 17.png Icewing Hoarfrost 18.png Icewing Hoarfrost 19.png Icewing Hoarfrost 20.png