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The Husken is a canine Ferian avatar based off of a real life husky. It's known for its soft fur and a curled tail.

Digo Market

The Husken is available from the Digo Market year-round. This avatar was put up for presale on April 8, 2018.

Length Price (USD) Order Bonuses
1 Year $9.99 Husken presale desctag.png Snowflake Pawprint Desctag (Presale only)


Specitags, Portraits, Icon
Husken Specitag M.png Husken Specitag F.png Husken Specitag U.png
Husken Portrait M.png Husken Portrait F.png Husken Portrait U.png Husken Icon.png

Husken 1.png Husken 3.png Husken 9.png Husken 11.png Husken 17.png Husken 18.png Husken 19.png Husken 20.png