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Furnarchy is a pluggable, scriptable, skinnable extension program for Furcadia.

While it is generally referred to as a proxy, it functions by embedding itself into Furcadia's game client, rather than intercepting the client-server's network connection. This allows Furnarchy to modify Furcadia's code and behaviour to a much greater extent than traditional proxies such as DogProxy. However, it also means that event game client update must be matched by an updated to Furnarchy itself.

Furnarchy may be used in tandem with a traditional network proxy.


Furnarchy in action.


Modules form the core of Furnarchy's functionality. The have full access to the game client's working memory, and can therefore provide a wide variety of additional functionality. Examples include:

  • Eggy: A Pounce-like whisper and friendlist manager.
  • Curses: An alt manager and client launcher.
  • Tricorder: A dream and furre scanner.


Smaller than modules, scripts mainly concentrate on processing network data and handling player input. They can perform functions such as playing sounds if certain phrases are seen in chat, or to tie different colour codes, portraits and decriptions to a particular digo.

Furnarchy uses the GameMonkey engine for its scripts.


Change the appearance of Furnarchy's interface.

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