Avatar pages require a lot of information, but they're relatively easy to setup after you have all of the files uploaded. Please follow this guide for a consistent look across the Wiki.

How to get avatar artwork

Avatar files

  1. Locate your Dynamic Avatars folder. This should be at C:\ProgramData\Dragon's Eye Productions\Furcadia\Dynamic Avatars. Program Data is usually a hidden
  2. Dynamic avatar files are named DPlayer#. The most recent avatar should be the highest number.
  3. Go to File > Export to PNG Image(s) > Current Object.
  4. Select a folder. This will save all images for the avatar here.

Do not edit artwork

The new FOX editor does not currently export a complete image. This will lead to grey-scale avatars and some broken up avatars if they use attachments. For consistency, do not edit images. It would take too long to do this manually, and there are other articles that need attention. Hopefully there will be better export options in the future, either official or third party.

Lifetags and bonus desctags

Lifetags, presale desctags, and bonus desctags need to be uploaded as well if they're available. See the Apollo reference sheet for help finding them.

Files and file names

Naming files correctly is very important, as templates find images based off of the file name.

All files must be called Avatar Asset.png, where Avatar is the name of the avatar and Asset tells what it is.

If an avatar has more than one walkabout, such as a flying walkabout, it should be named something along the lines of Avatar Flying Asset.png, although this can be more flexible.

Walkabouts Asset
Only 8 walkabout images are used. The numbers correspond to shape numbers in FOX editor.

These are: SW Sitting (1), SW Sitting (3), NW Sitting (9), NW Standing (11),

SW Laying (17), SE Laying (18), NW Laying (19), and NE Laying (20).

Non-gendered 1, 3, 9, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20
Male M 1, M 3, M 9, M 11, M 17, M 18, M 19, M 20
Female F 1, F 3, F 9, F 11, F 17, F 18, F 19, F 20
Unspecified U 1, U 3, U 9, U 11, U 17, U 18, U 19, U 20
Other Artwork Asset
Specitag Specitag M, Specitag F, Specitag U
Portrait Portrait M, Portrait F, Portrait U
Butler, Non-gendered Butler
Butler, Gendered Butler M, Butler F, Butler U
Icon, Non-gendered Icon
Icon, Gendered Icon M, Icon F, Icon U
Tags Asset
Lifetag Lifetag
Presale desctag presale desctag
Bonus desctag bonus desctag

Example file names for a Female Noble Hyooman:

  • Noble Hyooman F 1.png
  • Noble Hyooman F 20.png
  • Noble Hyooman Specitag F.png
  • Noble Hyooman Portrait F.png
  • Noble Hyooman Butler F.png
  • Noble Hyooman Icon F.png
  • Noble Hyooman Lifetag.png


These four templates should be included on avatar pages and filled out as completely as possible.


  • All pages now have artwork and a Digo Market section.
  • Many pages need descriptions.
  • Seasonals and freebies need Digo Market information.
  • Template:Avatar Gallery currently has a lot of white space that needs to be removed.
  • Template:Digo Market needs more options for Digos not traditionally sold on the Digo Market.
  • Template:Avatar Infobox will need to be reworked after more news posts are documented in the Update: namespace. More on this later.
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