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This page contains some editing guides and information on current projects. There aren't guides for everything right now, so take a look at the style of newer pages to get a sense of the direction we're taking.

Overall, don't be afraid to edit the Wiki! All edits made in good faith are more than welcome. We can always go back and revise articles later on.

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Ongoing tasks

These tasks need to be done regularly.

  • Add news articles from the news feed and new blogs
  • Add new avatars


To Do

Here are some suggested to-dos, but don't feel obligated to follow this list!

  • Avatar pages are mostly complete, but need descriptions at the top as well as price information for seasonals. Watch the Digo Market as seasonals are put up for sale.
  • Main Map pages need to be completely overhauled to reflect 32-bit.
  • 8-bit Main Map pages need to be moved (historical).
  • Editor pages need to be reworked as well. (Move old editor to (historical))..
  • GUIDES on Dreamweaving, official games/activities on maps, etc. are needed!!!
  • Create dated pages (see )... this uses template with a couple other modules and templates. Hopefully we can figure this out.

Current Project: Map Pages

The newer main maps have many locations and many NPCs in the case of Furrabian Nights. Looking at how the RuneScape Wiki handles large areas, there are actually several pages for locations and NPCs within a city.

In the case of Furrabian Nights, we will create pages for

  • NPCs
  • Quest guides
  • Shops, with pricing
  • Locations around the dream

Some pages will be fairly short, which is alright.

NPC Infobox

An NPC Infobox is in development for NPCs around Furcadia. Fields will include:

  • Map
  • Location
  • Species
  • Release date / link to update

The NPC page will also include some Dialog and Trivia. In FurN, for example, many NPCs are named after people who worked on the map.

Location Infobox

The location infobox will be similar to the NPC infobox, minus species and location.

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