Furcadia Art Zone, also known as FAZ, is an online art archive created by Narnia, and devoted to all types of art, but specifically caters to artists from the Furcadia community.

No genre of art is excluded, though works containing explicitly sexual subject matter are forbidden. While no genre is excluded, anthropomorphic and furry art represent a majority of the works.


Furcadia Art Zone is based on a similar concept to sites such as deviantART, and as so, allows users to maintain a personal art gallery, comment on hosted artwork, interact on the community forums, and use oekaki drawing boards.

The site was founded in response to the gallery moderation policies of deviantART which upset many Furcadia artists whose portrait art was reclassified from pixel art to avatars.

Furcadia Art Zone was owned and operated by Narnia with the assistance of a volunteer group of moderators. The site was generally considered to be the sister site to the Furcadia Alt Market, also owned and operated by Narnia and the same group of volunteer moderators.

On August 23, 2009, the Furcadia Art Zone opened a patch archive as an alternative option to Furcadia's Official Patch Archive and to Roamheart Patch Database. The archive was accessed through its own subdomain at or through the main website.

Narnia initially ran the patch database himself with no moderators. In 2010 a serious error in the patch database backend caused almost every file to contain errors. Narnia almost closed the patch database, but a user named Calib volunteered to fix it. Calib corrected all of the broken files so Narnia decided to let him run the patch database giving him the status of Patch Moderator. He organized patches, improved categorization, moderated uploads, and offered support about the database and it's patches until the day the site closed.

The site was closed in July 2018. Narnia had decided it was time to move on as he had run the site for almost a decade and rarely played Furcadia anymore.

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