Furcadia Alt Market, also known as FAM, is a popular character trading community on the FAM + FAZ Discord. Members can buy and sell alts, buy and sell non-alts (usually, but not limited to, Digo Market items), ask about unlisted alts, and list alts as "Do Not Bother" (DNB).


Furcadia Alt Market was originally as a website founded by Spyware, aka Creative. Members could list their alts in a database and create forum threads to promote their sales. On April 7, 2008, Narnia took over control of the website.

On May 13, 2018, the websites for Furcadia Alt Market and Furcadia Art Zone were shut down.

It's been a fun ride with FAM and FAZ, but at this time I've decided to pull the plug on the sites. As the sites continued to face new challenges with outdated code and security, and the fact that they do not generate enough money to pay for their hosting, I've made the decision to end operation of the sites. You're welcome to continue to hang out with us here in Discord or in Furcadia, if we log in, but the sites will no longer be accessible. Thank you for the all the support over the years!

Narnia - FAZ + FAM Discord

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