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FurSuite is a multi feature addon for Furcadia by way of proxy and direct memory manipulation. FurSuite is scriptable and can be used to create bots, extensions and new features.

Features of FurSuite include:

  • Automatic reconnect.
  • Automation and privacy settings for cuddling, following, leading, joining and summoning.
  • Sponsorship feature simulations.
  • Freeview, privately walking around maps with noclip.
  • .map, .ds, .dsb exporting for any active map.
  • Toggle in game advertisements like you would a channel.
  • Description fonts, Unicode characters in descriptions using HTML like tags.
  • Whisper forwarding.
  • Automatically bypass the away timers in Furrabian Nights and Naia Green that moved players to the away pit.

FurSuite's graphical user interface is accessed through the game client by saying @fur. Once the menu has been displayed, the user can use the mouse to access menu items. Every command in the menu has a typeable @fur command equivalent that can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the menu item.

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