Furcadia Wiki


FurEd is an online character editor that allows players to create new characters and edit existing characters. It replaced the former client as part of the Second Dreaming update, which allows new Digos to be added to the editor upon release.


On the left side of the editor, players can select an avatar. The 11 default species are shown on the left panel, which can be expanded by clicking on the arrow or ellipsis to show Digos. There are also options to select a random avatar and attach wings to compatible avatars.

Note: Some Digos will only display text instead of an icon. This is intentional, as some files do not yet have icons.

Under this panel, players can select between male, female, and unspecified gender options. This changes the specitag, portrait, and in some cases the butler and walkabouts.


On the right side of the editor, players can select pieces of their outfit to recolor. These pieces can also be selected from the butler in the center. There are also options to randomize clothing colors and randomize hair, fur, marking, and wing colors.

Available Colors