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The Fluff, along with it's evil counterpart the Floof is a seasonal avatar. It was first released as a local species during April Fool's Day 2010. During the event, players on select main maps would run into other players to infect them with a virus. Due to demand, they were polished up and released as digos two days later.

Digo Market

The Fluff is only available from the Digo Market seasonally, usually around April.

Length Price (USD) Order Bonuses
Fluff Lifetag.png For Life $?


Specitags, Portraits
Fluff Specitag M.png Fluff Specitag F.png Fluff Specitag U.png
Fluff Portrait M.png Fluff Portrait F.png Fluff Portrait U.png

Fluff 1.png Fluff 3.png Fluff 9.png Fluff 11.png Fluff 17.png Fluff 18.png Fluff 19.png Fluff 20.png