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Eggnog is a consumable desctag available on the Digo Market seasonally. Players give out cups to everyone on their screen.

Digo Market

Eggnog is available seasonally, usually around Christmas.

Package Price Quantity


Effect Duration Message
Gryffe 1 hour Eggnog really gets to the spirit of the season! It warms your insides and makes you feel magically mythical. Wait, do you feel that? You're a Gryffe! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Quacken 1 hour What yummy Eggnog. What's an egg nog anyway? Nog. That's a silly word. You feel a bit featherbrained, yourself. (Lasts 1 hour.)
Gloaming (Light) 1 hour This Eggnog is particularly frothy and light. Its warmth seems to shine right through you! (Lasts 1 hour.)