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Furcadia's official default Continuity (setting) is called The Dragonlands. The Dragonlands is a self-contained game world, meaning other game worlds or continuities are not recognized. The official Furcadia tabletop/dice RPG called "Furre!" is set in this specific game world. The official maps of Theriopolis and Goldwyn are both locations in the Dragonlands continuity. The Dragonlands setting was created by Talzhemir.

The Dragonlands Continuity is Furcadia's "official" background. It's more fantastic than some fictional worlds, and less fantastic than many others.


Map of the World of Dragonlands

There are three different continents in the Dragonlands: The quaint and nearly magic-less Olde World to the east, the dark and violent Drakoria where magic can be chaotic and cruel in the west, and, somewhere in the middle, Kasuria, where good tends to win. It's not a World of Darkness, and it's not that violent.

Olde World

The Olde World is fashioned after the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, with cities and nations named after their real world equivalents. It is the most eastward of the three major continents of the Dragonlands world.

 Duvlin, ERIU        |              \_/\  /     (                        |
 Londra, ALBION      |       ,-,        |/     /                         |
 Moscavy, RRUSSIA (m)|    _ ( /        /\     |        m                 |
 Bearlin, ALEMANISH  |   / ||L|       ( /______\                         |
 P'ree, FRRANCE      |  |_D//__) _----'                                  |
 Vorsava, MTN.LANDS  |     ,----'    B       V                           |
 Theriopolis, CATOLIA|     `,   P           _                            |
 Athenz, GRREECE     |  ____|    ____/\    T\\     ___          ,---_--. |
 Marmoristan,KOHAZZAH| /       _/      `\__  |`\  A\  `--    _M|_______/ |
 Inigo, PORTIGAL     | |I   Z_/        ()  | |  ``\::.   |__/_/          |
 Zara, ESPALLIA      |  |___/         ()  (_/      `:       |            |
 Tunis (t) Valgor (v)|    _/\______--t.   ()                 \____       |
 Aegyptian Lands (Ae)|  _/     v      |---_______-----___         |      |
 Katenga Coast (k)   |_/________________k__________Ae____\_______/_______|


Map of Kasuria by Talzhemir.

To the west of the Olde World lies Kasuria, where much of the roleplay in the Dragonlands setting takes place. Kasuria is the place of origin for the mighty Scarhawks. Kasuria is united as a single island nation under the capital city of Malgrave. Goldwyn is located in Kasuria.

Kasuria consists of many lush forests, rocky hills, deserts, and untamed wilderness. It is split into many different counties, some more developed than others.


Drakoria is a nation to the west of Kasuria, the home of the Wyrmmes and Bugges, as well as the place of origin of many primordial monsters of Dragonlands world.