The DireHound was only available as part of the Dark Dreaming Fundraiser. It can still be obtained by tradinging with other players. DireHound Lifetag


Specitags, Portraits
DireHound Specitag M DireHound Specitag F DireHound Specitag U
DireHound Portrait M DireHound Portrait F DireHound Portrait U

DireHound 1 DireHound 3 DireHound 9 DireHound 11 DireHound 17 DireHound 18 DireHound 19 DireHound 20
Walkabout - Flying
DireHound Magic 1 DireHound Magic 3 DireHound Magic 9 DireHound Magic 11 DireHound Magic 17 DireHound Magic 18 DireHound Magic 19 DireHound Magic 20

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