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Digos are avatars available for purchase from the Digo Market to support Furcadia's development. Most digos are expiring items that last for a duration of one or two years, after which they can be re-purchased. Most digos are also offered as subscriptions, for a monthly fee.

Some digos, known as "seasonals" are only offered for a limited duration, generally one month, at a particular time of year.

Both "regular" and seasonal digos come in non-expiring, for-life versions. Life digos never expire, though are significantly more expensive than their time-limited counterparts and are not always available in the official market. Due to these factors, the Furcadia community contains a healthy digo aftermarket, where players buy and sell life digos -- and, occasionally, expiring digos -- for a fraction of their original cost.

Types of Digos

For a full list of Digos, see Category:Digos.


Anthro Digos were introduced on March 29, 2014 with the Wyrmme. Not to be confused with Nobles, these are not currently gendered and are not based off of Default Avatars.


Ferians are usually four-legged avatars based off of real life animals, although there are some exceptions, such as birds.


Flerians are Seasonal Ferians with flowers on their backs.

Lings and Minkins

Lings are considered child avatars, and they cannot be used on adult maps. Minkins are considered miniature avatars.


Mythicals are anthropomorphic avatars that can activate an effect, such as dragon breath or a transformation.

Mythical Ferians

Mythical Ferians mostly consist of Ferian versions of Mythicals, although there are several Mythical Ferians not associated with a Mythical. They can also activate an effect, such as flying.


Nobles are alternative versions of the Default Avatars which typically have fancier, themed clothing. There are not currently noble versions of the Bovine, Bugge, or Ursine.


Seasonals are only available during certain times of the year. They are usually associated with a holiday or festival.


Freebies are a type of Seasonal Digo that is initially offered for free. These are usually simple edits of regular Digos, although they're usually polished up and sold on the Digo Market.


Wings are attachments that can be used on all Default Avatars, Anthros, and Nobles.

Dynamic Avatars

Dynamic avatars were added in Update 28b - Tied Up With A String! - Double Knot. This substantially increased the amount of Digos in-game, as prior to this, a client update was required to add new avatars. It's not uncommon for there to be several Digos released in the same month.

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