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A desctag (short for description tag) is an image that appears in a player's description. Desctags purchased from the Digo Market generally last for a limited period of time, and are are intended to be gifted or shared with friends. Some, such as 'Pirates vs. Ninjas', are purchased as a vote in a versus contest. Others indicate a character is in possession of the "for-life" version of a particular digo or purchased a presale.

Digo desctags

See Presale for a list of presale desctags, and Full list of avatars for Lifetags. 

All Digos that are purchased for-life come with a desctag of the avatar with an infinity sign. Most of these desctags are gold, except for seasonals which are full color and minkins which are crystal toned. For-life tags can be toggled on/off by typing desctags in game, but may require reconnecting to take effect.

In 2014, additional desctags were introduced with presales. All presale desctags last for life and are exclusive to the presale. A modified version is later made available with the for life release of the avatar. This can only obtained by purchasing the avatar at full price, not during a sale.

In 2018, the for-life tags were revamped with new colors and the infinity symbol (replacing the legacy FOR LIFE block). This change significantly reduced description clutter.

Shareable desctags

Many desctags are designed to be shared with other players as gifts. These include food, throwables, roses, and swords.

Consuable desctags

Main article: Consumable desctags

Many shareable desctags can also be consumed for various temporary effects. These effects include Digo transformations, text filters, color changes, game screen effects, and fireworks.

Throwable desctags

Category: Throwable desctags

Several desctags can be thrown, and rethrown (with exception of Pie) at other players. Sometimes, players will knock another players over, forcing them into a laying position. Players who have swords or wand desctags have the ability to deflect thrown desctags.

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