A description is information about a player's character that can be viewed in the chat box. Some players use the space to describe their characters in detail, which is a common expectation for roleplay. Others have less formal descriptions that might include unicode and links to dreams and websites. Descriptions also feature small images known as description tags (known as desctags). These are featured at the end of the regular description.


Permanent descriptions can be setup in FurEd, which is tied to a character's costume. Temporary descriptions can be set in game by typing `desc <message>. This is remembered when a player logs in with their last appearance, but it isn't saved with the costume.

Players can also choose to have a description written for them, which is randomly generated based off of their avatar and color choices.

FurEd Description.png


Characters logged in to groups they're members of can have badges at the start of their description. This is most notable with Beekin badges, which can be viewed throughout Furcadia. Group badges are also shown in descriptions, but they can only be seen in the group's dream. Beekin badges can be distinguished their size, as group badges are limited to 16x16 pixels, or by referencing the Beekin volunteer listing.

Description Tags

Main article: Desctags

There are several description tags that can be included in a player's description. These include consumables, gifts, collectible tags, life tags, and group tags.

Some description tags can be toggled on/off individually through desctag visibility settings, while others can be toggled as a group by typing "desctags" in game. Not every description tag can be hidden.


Many players take advantage of unicode to add special fonts and icons to their descriptions.

Recommended Unicode websites for Furcadia:

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