Custom avatars were first introduced during The Second Dreaming. Players who donated $1,000 or more could unlock a custom avatar slot. It has since been rarely made available for other promotions, such as the Catching Stars raffle.

Custom avatars can be found in the dynamic avatars folder. They cannot be used in dreams as local species, and may not be used on Free Digo Day.

Custom avatars

There are currently thirteen custom avatars in the game.

  1. Kenyon
  2. SnowyThing
  3. Custom 71 (Unknown)
  4. Custom 73 (Unknown)
  5. Custom 92 (Unknown)
  6. Custom 96 (Unknown)
  7. Custom 97 (Unknown)
  8. Custom 103 (Unknown)
  9. Custom 109 (Unknown)
  10. Riggs
  11. Creepmachine
  12. Gar's Dire Purrwing
  13. Custom 135 (Unknown)
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