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A Cookie Cookie desctag.png is an edible desctag that players can give to other players. Every player receives at least three free cookies a day, which can be expanded by buying sponsorship or group packages from the Digo Market. Players can also buy cookies in game for 5 CD.png copper DragonScales.

Cookies are made 15 minutes after logging in. All cookies last until 5:00 AM FST.


  • make-cookie <name> <message>
  • make-secret <name> <message>
  • give-cookie <name> <message>
  • secret-cookie <name> <message>
  • eat-cookie
  • cookies-reject
  • cookies-accept
  • cookies-off
  • cookies-on

Cookie Economy

A Cookie Economy was added with The Whisper Update, giving them more of a purpose beyond eating them. Dreams can charge or give players cookies as a dream currency.