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Many shareable desctags can also be consumed for various temporary effects. These effects include Digo transformations, text filters, color changes, game screen effects, and fireworks.

Most Digo transformation effects last 1 hour, or until the user logs out, changes maps, or changes avatars.

List of consumable desctags

Desctags with an effect

Desctag Command Possible effects
Bone desctag.png Bone eat-bone Canines: Wolven, Noble Canine
Cake slice desctag.png Cake eat-cake Mythicals: Dragon, Phoenix, Gryffe, Unicorn, Nothing
Candy desctag.png Candy eat-candy Bat, Bat Wings, Werewolf, Owlen, Color change (Zombie), Nothing
Candy Cane desctag.png Candy Cane eat-candycane Reindeer
Cheese desctag.png Cheese eat-cheese Squeeken, Noble Rodent, Shrinks player (three sizes)
Drumstick desctag.png Drumstick eat-drumstick Kiwi, Phoenix, Upside down screen
Easter Egg desctag.png Easter Egg eat-egg Toytle
Eggnog desctag.png Eggnog drink-eggnog Gryffe, Quacken, Gloaming (Light)
Marshmallow desctag.png Marshmallow eat-marshmallow Rubbaducky, Rabben, Pookie
Muffin desctag.png Muffin eat-muffin Wings: Butterfly, Dragonfly, Tri-Colored
Pie desctag.png Pie eat-pie Nobles: Canine, Feline, Equine; Penguin
Pizza slice desctag.png Pizza eat-pizza Furling, Tusker
Pongo juice desctag.png Pongo Juice drink-juice Toasterwing, Color change (pink), Random color cycling, Upside down screen, Kiwi text filter
Strawberry desctag.png Strawberry eat-strawberry Pookie
Vinca flower desctag.png Vinca Flower sniff-vinca Firework, Flox, Color change
Watermelon slice desctag.png Watermelon eat-watermelon Flutterphin, Ottifet, Snayle, Toytle, Pirate text filter

Desctags without an effect

Desctag Command
Cookie desctag.png Cookie eat-cookie
Pillow desctag.png Pillow eat-pillow
Snowball desctag.png Snowball eat-snowball
Water Balloon desctag.png Water Balloon eat-balloon