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Challenges was altered or removed after an update.
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Challenges was one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface.

Entry emit

Like a challenge? You've found the right place! Enjoy some Chess, Checkers, or Pillow Wars, or see what other players have dreamed up today! *This area is under construction* (Dream by Carrie O'Kaye and Xaa)


Challenges has a mostly open design, with few walled or separated areas.

Main areas

Map of Challenges

The following games can be played within Challenges:

  • Go : Located down the staircase south of the Vinca portal.
  • Pillow War: Located down the staircase west of the Vinca portal.
  • Bumper Spiders: Located in roughly the centre of the map, over the river.
  • Memory: Located north of the Bumper Spiders.
  • Chinese Checkers : Located south-east of the Bumper Spiders.
  • Jigsaw puzzles: Several jigsaw puzzles are scattered in the north-west.
  • Pillow Paint: Located down the staircase to the far east, south of the lake.
  • Bowling : Located down the staircase west of the Bumper Spiders.
  • Chess : Located down the staircase north of the entrance to Bowling.
  • The Puzzle Palace: Located in the northwest.

Map features

As suggested by the map name, most of Challenges functions as a game, maze, or puzzle. Switches, pitfalls, and moving ground titles are common features.

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