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Challenge Resort (formerly Pineapple Lake Resort) is the welcome map for new players. It replaced Challenges as part of the The Second Dreaming Part 1. As players read signs and Prime statues around the dream, they'll learn important information about Furcadia. Challenge Resort features several games to help show new players what's possible in Furcadia.

Entry Emit

Welcome to Furcadia! You're in the Challenge Resort. Type in the textbox at the bottom of your screen to talk to people around you. Move with the arrow keys, or 1, 3, 7 and 9 on the numpad. To learn about Furcadia bump into signs, you'll even earn a free cookie! Find an NPC to play a game, or just walk around and explore!


Players can press F3 to teleport around the dream.

  • Ahroth's Square
  • Jujinka's Terrace
  • Grannyfurre's Diner
  • Fountain Overlook
  • The Temple of Time
  • Mange's Camp
  • Roland's Raceway
  • Beekin's Boardwalk

Signs and Prime statues

The main purpose of Challenge Resort is to help new players learn about Furcadia. This is done through an activity where players are encouraged to find all 8 signs and 5 prime statues. Once players find everything, they are awarded with a cookie.

Sign locations

Location Text
Ahroth's Square Furcadia controls are easy to use! For a quick glance of who's near you press TAB. You can click on a furre to "look" at them and see their description. Using the buttons on tab A or pressing Ctrl-L will make you stand, sit or lay down. Insert or Delete will rotate you in place. F2 (or Ctrl-G) will 'Get' or 'Drop' an object. F3 (or Ctrl-U) will 'use' an object you are holding. For a full list of commands Click Here. [Sign 1]
Jujinka's Terrace Press F4 (or Ctrl-W) to see who's in the dream. Right-click on their name or avatar to add someone to your friends list (along with other options). To find out if your friends are online, or read your whispers click the green Pounce Pawprint. A whisper is a private chat with someone else in Furcadia. You can also add someone to your friends list from the main Pounce window, or click 'Add' in their whisper window. [Sign 2]
Grannyfurre's Diner There're many games to play all over Furcadia! Most of these games are made by other players to be enjoyed by everyone. In this very dream there's a Cart Race, Mushroom Hunt, Fishing, Kitchen Khaos and more. Use cookies to participate here. You get 3 free cookies a day, or you can get more by fishing in the lake. [Sign 3]


Around Furcadia you will see glowing portals that lead to Dreams (maps) made by other furres. Some may be homes, games, clubs, or vast fantasy kingdoms! You'll never know what dwells within until you step into the light. Use the B-Tab buttons to return here (Back) or go to another main map. [Sign 4]
The Temple of Time Roleplay is a sometimes-serious pastime in Furcadia. In dreams whole worlds of mystery, intrigue, and wonder are played out; written from the fertile minds of Furcadians. Encompassing all tastes and genres Furcadia's roleplaying groups can be found recruiting new players at the frequent Groups and Guilds Days. Explore to find Roleplay groups looking for members and be sure to check the entrytext to learn how to participate. [Sign 5]
Mange's Camp Digo Market is the place where you can buy extra enhancements for your characters. You can shop for wings, portrait spaces, or the ability to turn into a dragon, wolf, Noble, cuddly kitten or much more, even more cookies! On tabs D and E you can activate any Digos you've bought. You can also purchase Gold Dragonscales (GD) to spend in DigoMarket or trade with other players for things like custom-drawn portraits. [Sign 6]
Roland's Raceway You can create your own Dreams and upload them to Furcadia! Decorate with tens of thousands of official and user-created objects or draw your own. The user-friendly DragonSpeak scripting language will make your Dream come alive. Check out Tab C to find the Dream, Patch and DragonSpeak editors. Show off your creations at Festivals to win DragonScales! [Sign 7]
Beekin's Boardwalk Need some extra help? There's a friendly group of volunteer furres called the Beekins just waiting to help you. There's Beekins to show you around, answer questions, or contact if someone breaks the rules. To find a Beekin just say: help I need a Beekin! Or Click the N button on Tab B to get to Naia Green, Furcadia's Community Center! The Furcadia Forums are also a good place to get your question answred. [Sign 8]

Prime statue locations

Most primes are a short distance from an F3 teleport. Saligor requires navigating a maze and bumping into the pearl orb statue.

Location Statue Text


This is Saligor, Lord of Feathers, Prime of Avians. If you're reading this you're horribly lost in the maze. Don't you wish you could fly like Saligor? [Prime 1]

Jujinka's Terrace

Statue of Jujinka, Lady of Green, Prime of Love. Jujinka is mute, communicating through the flowers and trees of Furcadia. There is a festival held in her honor each Spring, one of many festivals held throughout the year. You can go to the furc://festival Festival Dream to see what festival is currently going on. (Click the link to go there!) [Prime 2]

Ahroth's Square

This is Ahroth, Lord of Hills, Prime of Earth. 'The Maker of Lands' Ahroth is often associated with Dreamweaving, the process of creating your own land and connecting it to the world of Furcadia. [Prime 3]

The Temple of Time

This is Thelcoda, Lady of Calendars, Prime of the Sphere of Time. It is currently 10:31 PM on May 17, 2018. FST time is Furcadian Standard Time and is equal to GMT-06:00 (Central Time). Type 'time' in the text box to find out the FST. [Prime 4]

Beekin's Boardwalk

This is Beekin the Help Dragon who is charged with guiding spirits to the Dreaming World of Furcadia from the Waking World of the Hyoomans. His Welcomers and Helpers can assist you in your adventures here. You can tell a Beekin Volunteer by the special badge at the beginning of their description. [Prime 5]


Challenge Resort features several games, many of which require cookies to participate in.

Kitchen Khaos

Kitchen Khaos is a Furcadia version of Diner Dash. Players can enter through the kitchen doors or speak to Granny to start a game.

Mushroom Hunt

Players can speak to Muffy to start a mushroom hunt.

Roland's Raceway

Players can speak to Roland to start a race. There can be up to five teams of two players. One player must sit in the cart while the other player pushes it.


Players can buy a fishing pole from Gale, who is located by The Temple of Time, Jujinka's Terrace, and Mange's Camp. Fishing can be a good source of collecting cookies for other games around the dream.


A chess board can be found NE of the Fountain Overlook.


A checker board can be found NW of Roland's Raceway.