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Catnip Studios is a company run by Emerald Flame. It features many of the same staff from Dragon's Eye Productions, and co-produces Furcadia.

From the Catnip Studios website:

Catnip Studios is a Social Game Developer designing and creating games for Facebook, the open web, and mobile devices. In addition, we provide expert consulting in Social Game design.

Role in Furcadia

After the Second Dreaming Kickstarter ended, the fundraiser was continued on Catnip Studio's website.

Catnip Studios also handles all Digo Market orders as of an update on December 23, 2013. During this update, several popular payment options, such as Ultimate Game Cards, were removed without warning.


  • Emerald Flame
  • Felorin
  • Gar
  • James
  • Kashi Commodore
  • Cironir
  • Munokhoi
  • Heimdall
  • Farrier
  • Ninja
  • Artex
  • Crunchward
  • Frostyfrog
  • Tigger Fellini
  • Yaminoani
  • Sync
  • Monica Knighton
  • Toast
  • Safiye

Other games

In 2014, Catnip Studios developed slot machines for an app called 1Up Casino. They designed Victorian Kiss, Lucky Dog, and Carnival Royals.

In 2013, they worked on iOS app Face Dancer.