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Candy is a consumable desctag available on the Digo Market seasonally. Players give out candy to others individually.

Digo Market

Candy is available seasonally, usually around Halloween.

Package Price Quantity


Effect Duration Message
Bat 1 hour These caramels are so good they've driven you batty! So now you're dressed in a bat costume! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Bat Wings 1 hour Sucking the syrup out of wax candy bottles is a little like being a vampire. So now you have a Bat Wings costume! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Werewolf 1 hour These candybars have you howling for more. Now you're wearing a Werewolf costume! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Owlen 1 hour Who can resist candycorn?  Whooo, whooo?  Not you, not you, in your spiffy owl costume! Mmmm those were yummy candycorns. (Lasts 1 hour.)
Nothing N/A You eat the candy. There was way too much of it, and it gives you a bad tummyache!
Zombie Color Change (w''27899999'#$'#) 1 hour This candy skull is delicious, but it leaves you craving something more. You have zombie make-up on now, so maybe you can go trick or treating for brains! (Lasts 1 hour.)