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Cake is a consumable desctag available on the Digo Market. Players give out cake slices to everyone on their screen.

Digo Market

Cake is available in the following packages:

Package Price Quantity
Delicious Cake $4.99 1 Cake
Birthday Gift Package $14.99 1 Cake
Very Special Birthday Gift Package $29.99 1 Cake
Wedding Package $79.99 1 Cake


Players who eat cake are turned into a mythical avatar for one hour.

Effect Duration Message
Dragon 1 Hour This volcano chocolate cake has a hot core filled with molten fudge sauce. After eating it, you feel hot inside too - you're a Dragon! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Gryffe 1 Hour This light, fluffy angelfood cake gives you wings. You've turned into a Gryffe! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Phoenix 1 Hour This lucious strawberry cake has a lot of big juicy real strawberries on top. When you finish eating your slice, you feel all feathery. You're a Phoenix now! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Unicorn 1 Hour This red velvet cake really hit the spot. You reach up to wipe a stray bit of frosting off your horn, and realize you've turned into a Unicorn! (Lasts 1 hour.)
Nothing This slice of devil's food cake tasted good, but that's all it did. There was no magical side effect whatsoever. The cake is a lie!