The Bovine is a free default avatar made to represent an anthropomorphic cow or bull.


Specitags, Portraits, Icons
Bovine Specitag M Bovine Specitag F Bovine Specitag U
Bovine Portrait M Bovine Portrait F Bovine Portrait U
Bovine Icon MBovine Icon FBovine Icon U

Walkabout - Male
Bovine M 1 Bovine M 3 Bovine M 9 Bovine M 11 Bovine M 17 Bovine M 18 Bovine M 19 Bovine M 20
Walkabout - Female
Bovine F 1 Bovine F 3 Bovine F 9 Bovine F 11 Bovine F 17 Bovine F 18 Bovine F 19 Bovine F 20
Walkabout - Unspecified
Bovine U 1 Bovine U 3 Bovine U 9 Bovine U 11 Bovine U 17 Bovine U 18 Bovine U 19 Bovine U 20

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