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A bot is a program that connects to Furcadia's servers instead of a player. While some bots function as proxies, allowing for user input, they are generally intended to run independently, performing pre-scripted tasks. DreamNova, for example, is propagated by a Python bot designed to enter every main map and dream, and collect basic description and population information.

Bot rules

Within Furcadia's main maps, bots are governed by the following rules:

  • Bots (and proxies) are not supported by staff in Furcadia.
  • Players are responsible for keeping their bots within the rules and off main map areas, other than Acropolis and Allegria Island.
  • Bots loaded on Acropolis or Allegria Island may not emote/emit messages more than once a minute.
  • All messages must be appropriate for these family-oriented areas and may not exceed the length of six (6) lines.
  • Additionally, bots loaded on these maps must give all spoken and emitted responses to commands via whisper. (This includes deliveries made by delivery bots.)
  • Bots on public maps may not whisper players who have not requested information (no unsolicited advertisement by whisper).

As well as the following rules that apply to all third-party software:

  • Third party software, including proxies, bot tools and other utilities, are not supported by Dragon's Eye or its staff.
  • Players using such programs are responsible that they do not interfere with the operation and stability of the Furcadia service, and that they do not harm or harass other players.
  • Additionally, Dragon's Eye assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage that third party software may cause to a player's system, including but not limited to infection with viruses or trojans, system crashes, loss of files, etc.
  • Players who choose to use one or more third party software programs do so at their own risk.

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