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Brassyy Brassyy 25 May 2018

Main maps project

I've already started on Vinca Nexus, Allegria Island, and Challenge Resort, but I'm currently focusing on Furrabian Nights which will be used as a model for other pages.

The Furrabian Nights page is being modeled after the RuneScape Wik's Varrock page. Everything to know about Varrock isn't included in one page. There are multiple pages throughout the wiki in the form of NPC pages, shop pages, quest pages, and more.

I've created two infoboxes, the Template:NPC Infobox and Template:Location Infobox to give us a basic structure to work with. You can see these in use with A'Theehah and Costumes Stall. The pages themselves aren't too lengthy - they just provide relevant information that the player will need to understand the topic. If they want …

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Brassyy Brassyy 12 October 2017

Furcadia Wikia Rework

I'm in the process of overhauling the entire Furcadia Wikia! I'm creating this blog post as an overview of everything that needs to be done. If you feel inclined to take on a project, please comment!

  • 1 Digos
  • 2 Dreams
  • 3 Items
  • 4 Editors
  • 5 Updates and News
  • 6 Furcadia terms

  • Phase One: Creation - IN PROGRESS
    • The main priority is to create pages for every digo.
    • Pages should contain an avatar infobox and butler artwork. 
    • Older pages should be cleared and updated to this format as well.
  • Phase Two: Information
    • General information, such as what the avatar represents, related avatars, etc. should be added under the butler. 
    • A section for Digo Market information should be included for all digos. Building a template may be helpful.
    • If lore is associated with an avatar, it…

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Smallblackcat Smallblackcat 10 January 2013

Some Ideas

i had these on my profile originally but i think that putting them in a blog post would make more sense.

a dream would help give the wiki more exposure, and could be a place for contributors to meet and talk about stuff in real-time.  i think good maps to upload it to would be Naia Green, Acropolis or Allegra Island.  Naia Green may be the best candidate since that is one of the maps geared more towards new furres, where as Acropolis is currently too dead and Allegra Island is too populated.

if its decided that this is a good idea, i can make it!  i'm pretty handy when it comes to the dreamweaving process.  i've also preemptively grabbed the alt Furcadia Wiki, just in case.

i'm not sure in what way running a bot would benefit the wiki, but i'…

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Ixxis Ixxis 23 December 2012

Kickstarter update!

It's a big day for the Furcadia Kickstarter, with the first version of the AngelCat avatars live and in-game!

For those who couldn't pay via Amazon or otherwise missed out on the initial Kickstarter drive, the PayPal extension is also now online. This extension is supposed to run through until February, and the rewards are the same as the previous drive, so there's plenty of time.

Finally, feature and avatar voting is now live for donors. The voting interface also appears to update with the current tallies, so check back often to see how things are going.

A heap more changes have been hinted at for donors over the coming weeks, including updated webpages and the first cut of a web client (wow), with work starting in earnest early next year.

For …

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