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The Beekin Volunteer Program (also the Beekin Program, or just the Beekins) is a help community and social experiment that allows regular members of Furcadia to actively participate in the game's day-to-day operations by answering questions about the game, moderating, debugging, creating artwork, dreamweaving, and otherwise ensuring the continued smooth operation of the game. There are currently approximately 475 regular members involved in the Beekin Program across nine groups, each headed by one or more Dragon's Eye Productions staff members.


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There are currently six regular groups, three special groups, and one defunct group.

Bugge Hunters

The Bugge Hunters (often erroneously known as the "Bugges") are tasked with the finding and documenting of software abnormalities (colloquially "Bugs") in the Furcadia client and server software by means of black-box debugging. Moreover, they are secondarily tasked with last-of-line technical support for users before such support is referred to the Dragon's Eye Productions staff.


The Eventers are tasked with holding and managing various in-game events, such as riddles, quests, and pillow fights. Activities often occur weekly and are announced over the FUN Channel.


The Guardians are tasked with maintaining peace and order across all of Furcadia. They are the rule-enforcers of the game and often serve as conflict mediation between two parties.


The Helpers are the most publicized of the Beekin groups, being a first-of-line group for answering general questions about the game and providing some specialized support. As of 2010, the Helpers constitute the largest group of Beekin volunteers.


The Masons are tasked with providing support for dreamweaving. They answer questions related to map creation, Dragonspeak, and dream functionality. Veteran Masons are also occasionally asked to dreamweave main maps.


The Pixels are tasked with providing support for patching. Veteran Pixels are also occasionally asked to create official art.


The Scribes are tasked with writing and editing the main website. As of 2010, the Scribes constitute the smallest group of Beekin volunteers.


The Teachers are tasked with educating inductees into the Beekin Program with Furcadia's history, the Program's history, and with group-specific educational needs.


The Welcomers are tasked with greeting new users and familiarizing them with the basics of Furcadia's gameplay.

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