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The AngelCat is the primary avatar given to supporters of the Furcadia Kickstarter.

It is an animated avatar, with a "glow" effect on the halo in its portrait. A flying animation was added in 2013.


The AngelCat was only available during the Second Dreaming Kickstarter at the $75 pledge level. It can no longer be purchased, but may still be obtained by trading with other players.

AngelCat Lifetag.png


Specitags, Portraits
AngelCat Specitag M.png AngelCat Specitag F.png AngelCat Specitag U.png
AngelCat Portrait M.png AngelCat Portrait F.png AngelCat Portrait U.png

AngelCat 1.png AngelCat 3.png AngelCat 9.png AngelCat 11.png AngelCat 17.png AngelCat 18.png AngelCat 19.png AngelCat 20.png
Walkabout - Flying
AngelCat Flying 1.png AngelCat Flying 3.png AngelCat Flying 9.png AngelCat Flying 11.png AngelCat Flying 17.png AngelCat Flying 18.png AngelCat Flying 19.png AngelCat Flying 20.png